Cali4nia Pass Protection


Age Groups                       Cost Per Pass 
Adult (23-64)  $35
Youth (13-22)  $35
Child (5-12)  $25
Senior (65-79)  $25


We are offering Pass Protection that reimburses you for up to 100% of the cost of your Season Pass if you are no longer able to use your Season Pass due to one of the following Events:


1. Physical injury or sickness 
Injury or sickness must be so disabling that the passholder can no longer ski/snowboard for the remainder of the season, as verified by a physician at the time of sickness or injury.

2. Physical injury or sickness of a family member
Injury or sickness to the family member must be so disabling, as verified by a physician, as to reasonably cause the passholder’s season pass to be unusable for the rest of the ski season (such as where pass holder becomes the family member’s primary care giver).

3. Passholder is involuntarily, terminated, laid off, or job requires involuntary relocation.

a) At the time of the Event, passholder must have been an active employee for the same employer for at least one year

b) the Event must occur after the effective date of the Pass Protection

c) Pass Protection is not applicable to temporary employment, independent contractors or self-employed persons

d) relocation of pass holder’s primary residence must be at least 150 miles from prior residence.

Dependents also qualify based on the parent/guardian’s qualifying Event for this section only.
Documentation, such as a notice from the employer or former employer, must be provided.

4. Passholder is called to active military service or military leave is revoked or reassigned.
Official documentation of the Event must be provided.

5. Passholder has become pregnant.
Pregnancy must occur after the passholder's effective date of Pass Protection, and must be verified by a physician. Spouse and dependents of the pass holder who becomes pregnant do not qualify for reimbursement.


Adding Pass Protection
If you have already purchased your pass and wish to purchase Pass Protection, please contact 800-MAMMOTH / 800.626.6684. You may purchase Pass Protection at the time of purchasing your pass, any time before the first day of the ski season, or up to 30 days after purchase (if purchasing less than 30 days prior to opening day or after opening day). Pass Protection is effective from the date of completed purchase. Events which occur prior to the effective date of Pass Protection are not subject to reimbursement through Pass Protection. There is a 10-day money back guarantee, after which Pass Protection becomes non-refundable.

For questions, or to file a claim, send an email to, or fax to 760-923-6816. All claims must be filed within 90 days of the event. 

Pre-Season Pass Cancellations:
For Events that occur prior to the start of the ski season, you will be reimbursed the full cost of your season pass if you're unable to use it for the entire season due to one of the above reasons. 

Season Interruption Reimbursements (prorated):
For Events that occur after the ski season begins, reimbursement will be on a pro-rated basis, based on the length of the season and the date that you became unable to ski/ride. Number of days the pass was used will not be taken into account. For Pass Protection purposes, the planned start and end dates for our season are 11/11/15 and 5/31/16, respectively.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver:
You must be medically stable when you purchase your protection plan.

Once you begin a claim, you must submit your supporting documentation within 90 days of the date you opened your claim, or your claim will no longer be valid. 

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